Title Opinion Requirements

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Title Opinion Requirements Regarding

Creation of Severed Mineral Interests


 The following requirements illustrate the types of requirements that attorneys examining Alabama titles for drilling and/or division order opinions may use to address severed mineral interest issues:


         Requirement 14.001 – Possible Conflicting Mineral Grants and Blanket Grants


Requirement 14.002 – Ambiguity Caused By Intention Clause


Requirement 14.003 – Ambiguous Deed; Provision for Interpleading Disputed Interest


Requirement 14.004 – Ambiguous Deed; 5 Mineral Acres Spread Across Section


Requirement 14.005 – Ambiguous Statement of Mineral Acres


Requirement 14.006 – Exception of Minerals Never Previously Reserved


Requirement 14.007 – Net royalty Acre Conflict


Requirement 14.008 – Net royalty Acre Conflict


Requirement 14.009 – Construction of Mineral Reservation (Duhig)

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