Title Opinion Requirements

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Title Opinion Requirements Regarding



 The following requirements illustrate the types of requirements that attorneys examining Alabama titles for drilling and/or division order opinions may use to address tax issues:

11.001  Tax Sale (Complete Investigation)

11.002  Tax Sale Investigation

11.003  Unredeemed Tax Sale

11.004  Tax Debtor Stranger to Title

11.005  Tax Title – Greater Than Reasonable Business Risk

11.006  Tax Title – Reasonable Business Risk

11.007  Tax Title – Routinely Accepted  Risk

11.008  Unredeemed Tax Sales to State

11.009  Unredeemed Tax Sale to the State

11.010  Omitted Tax Title Purchaser in Title Suit

11.011  Estate Tax Lien

11.012  Estate Tax Liens

11.013  Mineral Documentary Tax on Deed Reserving Mineral Interest

11.014  Mineral Documentary Tax on Deed Granting Severed Mineral Interest

11.015  Mineral Documentary Tax on Pre-1957 Document

11.016  Mineral Documentary Tax Due on Lease Amendment

11.017  Defective Assessment Description

11.018  Tax Assessment Description Omits Road

11.019  Lessors Not Assessing and Paying Taxes

11.020  Assessment to Prior Owner

11.021  Ad Valorem Tax Report

11.022  Adverse Mineral Tax Assessment

11.023  Tax Sales and Double Assessment

11.024  Multiple, Adverse Mineral Tax Assessments

11.025  Possible Adverse Mineral Tax Assessment

11.026  Tax Assessment Report

11.027  Federal Tax Lien

11.028  Unreleased IRS Lien

11.029  Subordinate IRS Lien

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