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 Through forty-six years of working in and around the oil gas industry, I have gathered a wealth of knowledge.  Some I have shared through articles and seminar papers.  Other bits of knowledge, though, remain hidden.  Many of my title opinion requirements, forms, and case discussions could save other oil and gas lawyers substantial time and could provide valuable guidance.  I decided to share that knowledge with those who practice in Alabama.

 The idea of a quick reference handbook came to me several years ago as the best way to share the various tidbits of oil and gas knowledge that I have accumulated.  The internet makes publishing the handbook in the form of a web book very easy.  By doing a web book, I am able to launch the book with only a few chapters and then to add to the book at a leisurely rate.  When complete, the web book will contain more than thirty chapters.

 If this work helps but one lawyer or landman find a solution to a problem, my efforts will have been rewarded.


Ed Hawkins

December, 2011

Copyright 2011 by Edward G, Hawkins. All rights reserved.