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About the Author


 Mr. Hawkins was born on November 9, 1946, in Dallas, Texas.  He obtained a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1970.  He obtained a juris doctor degree from the University of Texas School of Law in 1974.

 Mr. Hawkins began working in the oil and gas industry as an engineering co-op student for a major oil refinery in 1965.  In 1970, he continued working in the refinery end of the business as a chemical engineer.  Upon graduation from law school, Mr. Hawkins relocated to Mobile, Alabama, in 1974, and became licensed to practice law in Alabama.

 From 1974 on Mr. Hawkins has handled various types of oil and gas legal issues.  He has represented mineral owners and oil and gas operators in state and federal courts and in proceedings before the State Oil and Gas Board of Alabama.  Over the years he has handled environmental tort suits, mineral title suits, oil and gas drainage suits, royalty accounting suits, gas plant accounting suits, fraud suits, trespass suits, oil and gas trade secret suits, breach of fiduciary duty suits, and pipe line condemnation suits.  He has also examined oil and gas titles and has rendered drilling title opinions and division order title opinions.  Mr. Hawkins has represented mineral owners with both small and extremely large acreage holdings in leasing negotiations for oil, gas, and hard minerals and in negotiations for seismic and other types of exploration permits.  He has  handled both asset and stock sales of oil and gas companies.

 Mr. Hawkins has also served as a court-appointed Special Master in an oil and gas suit, and has served as a mediator in oil and gas disputes.

 Mr. Hawkins has been married for forty-two years and has three children and four grand children.  He lives and practices law in Mobile, Alabama.

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