4.008 Uncancelled Ancient Lease

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Requirement 4.008

Uncancelled Ancient Oil and Gas Lease


 Uncancelled Ancient Oil and Gas Lease:  The abstract reveals an uncancelled oil and gas lease covering Tract 1 dated September 14, 1918,  from Sam Houston and his wife, Margaret Moffette Lea Houston, to San Jacinto Oil and Gas Company.  The abstract further indicates that San Jacinto Oil and Gas Company has been defunct for many years and that Mr. and Mrs. Houston are deceased.

 Requirement:  Furnish an affidavit establishing the non-occurrence of any oil, gas, or mineral development, which could extend the above described lease beyond its primary term.  Also furnish proof from the records of the State Oil & Gas Board of Alabama that no oil, gas, or mineral development or production  occurred, which could extend that lease beyond its primary term.

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