11.001 Tax Sale (Complete Investigation)

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Requirement 11.001

Tax Sale (Complete Investigation)


 Tax Sale (Complete Investigation):  The abstract reveals that on January 4, 1965, the Tax Collector for DeWitt  County, Alabama sold the captioned property  to the State of Alabama for the non-payment of ad valorem taxes assessed to John Q. Owner.   By tax deed dated January 5, 1968, and recorded in Real Property Book 500, page 1, the State of Alabama conveyed the captioned property to Mary R. Purchaser.

 Requirement:  Furnish:

(i)        A tax report showing the assessment and payment of ad valorem taxes assessed against the captioned property from  January 5, 1968,  to the current date.

(ii)        A copy of the report from the Tax Collector to the Judge of Probate of DeWitt  County, Alabama  requesting an order authorizing the tax sale.

(iii)        A copy of the order of Judge of Probate of DeWitt County, Alabama  ordering the tax sale.

(iv)        Copies of all notices of delinquency to the delinquent taxpayer prior to the sale.

(v)        Copies of all notice of the tax sale to the delinquent taxpayer and to the public.

(vi)        A report describing all acts of possession exerted by anyone over the captioned property since January 5, 1968.

(vii)        A report showing any redemption of the captioned property since  January 4, 1965.

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