10.005 Ownership of Unplatted Road

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Requirement 10.005

Ownership of Unplatted Road


 Ownership of Unplatted Road:  The abstract reveals that Tract No. 11 is a road providing access to an unrecorded subdivision.  Sam Houston conveyed the subdivision lots abutting the road, describing the lots by metes and bounds descriptions that did not include any of the road.

 Requirement:  Investigate and determine the intentions of Sam Houston, and the purchasers of Tracts numbered 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10 regarding the ownership of the road described herein as Tract No. 11 at the time that Houston sold the land abutting that road. Investigate and determine all graphical, written, and verbal representations made by Sam Houston at that time describing the road, the subdivision, and the premises conveyed. After we have reviewed the curative materials submitted in response to this requirements, we may request further curative materials in a supplemental requirement.

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