10.004 Boundary Line Agreement

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Requirement 10.004  

Boundary Line Agreement


 Boundary Line Agreement:  The abstract contains a copy of a boundary line agreement dated  January 15, 1995, and recorded in  Deed Book 1, page 15, between  Sam Houston and James Bowie. This agreement, through cross-conveyances, fixes the common  boundary between Tracts 1 , as owned by Sam Houston, and the land immediately to the south of Tract 1, as owned by James Bowie:

[The description of the boundary]

The abstract did not contain copies of the patent and deeds establishing that James Bowie holds fee simple title to the land located immediately south of Tract 1.

 Requirement:  If you are unwilling to accept the risk that James Bowie did not hold fee simple title to the mineral estate underlying the land on the south side of Tract 1 when he executed the above described boundary line agreement, furnish copies of all documents showing the passage of title to that land from the United States into James Bowie.

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