10.002 Overlap

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Requirement 10.002



 Overlap:  By warranty deed dated July 15, 1997, and recorded in Deed Book 1, page 15, Sam Houston conveyed a life estate in Tract 4 to Carlita Houston. The description in that deed covered part of Parcel B of Tract 5, as described in this opinion, even though Sam Houston had no record title to any of Tract 5.

 Requirement:  Ascertain the intentions, as of July 15, 1997, of the parties to the Sam Houston – Carlita Houston conveyance concerning the boundaries of the property conveyed to Carlita Houston. After we have reviewed the curative materials submitted in response to this requirement and to the Survey and Inspection Report Requirement for the captioned property (Requirement 8 under the captioned property), we may request further curative materials in a supplemental requirement.

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